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Identifying, Organizing and promoting the Investment potentials of the Region via efficient and effective leadership and providing follow up and after care services for investors we ensure sustainable socio-economic growth and improved livelihood of the people.


We accomplish to see Oromia transformed towards industrial led economy and become one of the Nation’s middle income people by the year 2020.


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Leather Industry


Tanning up to finishing, manufacture of luggage items, handbags, saddler and harness items, footwear, garment and other leather goods


Mining and Energy


Mining and Energy sector The explored mineral deposits of the region include: gold, platinum, nickel, iron-ore, soda ash, diatomite, limestone, feldspar,

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Tourism and Heritages


Besides the large and endemic varieties of fauna and bird species of the Awash and the Bale Mountains National Park, the Rift-Valley lakes of the region..




Oromia has extensive opportunities in the construction industry, particularly in the construction of roads, residential development,


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